Our company

We are an Australian CRO specializing in early phase trials providing services to overseas and local companies conducting their clinical trials in Australia.

We bring over 30 years of experience in clinical research services, supporting a global client portfolio with clinical project management, trial monitoring, patient recruitment, medical writing, data management, statistics, and access to R&D tax incentive services when conducting trials in Australia.

Our story

Complete Phase Consulting (CPC) was founded by Ms Negin Rahmani after a successful career working with hospitals, CRO's, and Pharmaceutical companies managing and monitoring their clinical trial portfolio. Negin noticed the lack of speed and flexibility offered to the small to medium size pharma and biotech companies, which lead to challenges and frustrations clients faced. That is when she decided to start CPC and provide clinical research services to overseas clients.

Negin focused on providing tailored solutions, across Asia-Pacific, with a focus on helping small to medium sized companies think big and progress through clinical development in the most streamlined process possible.

As the business grew, Amy Gray, who comes with over 10 years'experience in the pharmaceutical industry, joined as the quality director looking after the quality management of the clinical trials, ensuring the trails are run to the highest quality.

After successful grant funding rounds and support from the Chinese government CPC opened an office in Nanjing, China. Patrick Tai Joined the company as Asia Pac director helping the Chinese clients successfully run their clinical trials in Australia. Patrick joins CPC and brings vast experience from working in China and the US pharmaceutical industry.

Our values

Customer-centric- We are committed to fostering long-term client relationships that build upon and deepens our understanding of our customers' needs and commitment to serving them.

Quality-We commit to providing high quality clinical services to our customers not only by drawing upon our extensive and collective experience, but also through our relationship-based network of world class researchers in Australia.

Partnership-Our partnerships with sponsors and vendors are at the heart of our business. We build relationships based on trust, commitment, and flexibility.

Integrity- We pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency, accountability, and respect. Company culture is foundational to who we are and what we strive to achieve. We believe this contributes to opportunity and growth in the workplace and in our collaborations.